Can journalists be activists? And if so, what is the difference?

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“Being an anti-racist isn’t an opinion”

Kuek Ser Kuang Keng mentions Black Lives Matters and isn’t sure if journalists should actively participate in that movement. The question got asked a lot amongst journalists last year when the demonstrations went global. Linda A. Thompson writes that “traditional ethics rules have long prescribed that journalists keep their opinions to themselves; one donation, T-shirt, or Tweet could have major consequences for a journalist’s career”.

Objectivity discussion is back on the table

Since Twitter came into our lives, journalists are already much more outspoken and easily approachable than before social media exists. It’s a development we can’t return around and therefore the discussion about the possibility of objectivity and neutrality is back on the table.

Blindspots in social justice activism

When it comes to racism, I believe white journalists still have a lot of blind spots which makes them think it’s biased to be anti-racism. On other topics regarding human rights abuse, the doubts aren’t there. It would be good if more newsrooms focus on systemic racism as a framework in which inequality sustains. At the end of the day joining a Black Lives Matters protest is just on the surface of a whole range of actions that can be done on the topic of antiracism. Thoroughly investigate and critically question your own position in the story are important aspects of that process.

“Journalism contributes to activism”

Journalists are human beings, so they are biased, but what is new is the discussion about this issue outside of the newsrooms.

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Sanne Breimer

Sanne Breimer

Exploring the solutions to the lack of inclusion in journalism, focusing on decolonising journalism and discussing whiteness, Eurocentrism and objectivity.