Alan Soon points out how the lack of inclusion in Western media has an effect on the global perception of Asia and people like himself

Alan Soon (right) together with his co-founder of Splice Media Rishad Patel.

We’re almost at the end of our conversation when Alan Soon, co-founder of The Splice Newsroom in Singapore, sums up what we’ve been talking about in one sentence: If you look at the last three months alone (this interview was held July 2020, SB), we’ve had COVID-19, we’ve had Black Lives Matter, we’re heading towards a big election in the US, Singapore is having an election on July 10; a lot of these things are just spinning and if we’re all at home and we’re all looking at Facebook, we’re all on social media at the same time, all this stuff is really killing our soul.” He feels burned out by the news cycle but as a co-founder of Splice Media, Alan experiences the COVID-19 crisis not only in negative ways. He talks about the necessary changes that are finally taking place in the media industry, especially on the topic of inclusive newsrooms. He and his co-founder Rishad Patel expect more media startups to emerge from this crisis, which is exciting for them as their mission with Splice is to ‘drive radical change by supporting bold, forward-looking media startups in Asia’.

I’ve spoken to Alan Soon several times before over the last one and a half years, about Splice Media’s first industry festival Splice Beta in Chiang Mai last year, about innovation in media in Asia and this time about the topics of mental wellbeing and inclusion, which turned the conversation in the most personal one so far.

I’ve spoken to Alan in July of this year.

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Sanne Breimer

Sanne Breimer


Exploring the solutions to the lack of inclusion in journalism, focusing on decolonising journalism and discussing whiteness, Eurocentrism and objectivity.