Climate change impacts the most vulnerable atolls on our planet first and the future of the islanders is a global responsibility, says Climate Envoy Tina Stege.

Jaluit Atoll Lagoon, The Marshall Islands ©Keith Polya | Flickr

Check out Bette Dam’s TED Talk “Why Western media promotes war”.

The world is at a standstill waiting for the vaccines to roll out and the travel restrictions to be lifted. When we’re watching the late-night talk shows it seems that the same exact topics with the same exact guests could have been broadcasted a year ago. And most of our lives haven’t changed a lot except maybe for the extra kilos we gained by staying at home, feeling tired and not being able to go to the gym. Obviously, I’m generalizing and there are people whose life did change hugely due to the loss of family members and friends or because they’re made unemployed. But in general, the situation is far from what we’re normally used to.

Vipassana meditation teaches about the constant motion in your body

Screenshot from the interview with Michelle Obama in The Today Show by Jenna Bush Hager.

(Photocredit: Mevrouw Hatseflats for Unsplash)

It must be the full moon that brings up so much emotion this week, I caught myself thinking at my home in Bali where the calendar is based on the lunar cycle. Balinese spirituality attracts lots of Westerners looking for healing themselves in some sort of way. There are different communities of foreigners on the island, those who believe in detox but not in masks, those who enjoy the Bali life without realizing their privilege, those who organize parties to increase their Instagram following without complying to the COVID-19 rules and together with all that, people who have opinions about all those people, from a ‘morally charged Western point of view’, including me myself and I.

Tired of my own opinion

Sanne Breimer

Exploring the solutions to the lack of inclusion in journalism, focusing on decolonising journalism and discussing whiteness, Eurocentrism and objectivity.

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